The story

Djuju is a band from southern Luxembourg which has been existing since 1983. During the past 19 years many musicians came and went and contributed their ideas to the band. Therefore it is difficult to describe djuju's music style(s). It variates with every song: funk, rock, rap, reggae, and sometimes punk, as well as afro and latin rhythms. Some stations in their history:


1. D'Juju Music (1983-1987)

At the beginning the band's name used to be a little bit longer, D'JUJU MUSIC. The concerts at that time were rather "happenings" or "jam sessions" than well-rehearsed concerts, for the musicians regulary met just to make improvisations on different well-known musical themes and ranking high up their priority list, then as now, was having quite a jolly good time.

2. D'Juju goes to studio (1987-1990)

D'Juju, as one of the first luxembourgish bands to do so, went to a studio to record a Maxi-LP (22 mins) and one year later an LP. At that time the band played a lot of gigs in Luxembourg and abroad (Amsterdam, Brussels).

3. D'Juju - The circus (1991-1994)

By now D'Juju had a lot of succes in Luxembourg. The concerts became real shows with more than 30 dancers ("Systematic Crew"), acrobates and fire-eaters on stage. Many people came to see these successful und much talked-about multimedia productions. In 1994 the two frontmen Sergio Sardelli and Gerard Valerius left the band. For many people this was supposed to be the band's end.

4. D'Juju - A new experience (1995 - 1997)

New musicians arrived: Eric Falchero on keys and Petz Flammang on drums, but there still remained some other musicians such as the well-known saxophone player Enzo Ruscitti, who left afterwards. D'Juju was now concentrating more and more on their true "business", their music. And so they decided to rehearse regularly and seriously some older songs as well as to compose a few new songs. During this period of frenetic creativeness, it grew quiet around the band.

5. djuju - A musical experience (1998 - 2003)

In fall 1997 djuju decided to continue with just 5 musicians: vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. Instead of the former mega-events, they decided to come back to their roots and play smaller gigs in pubs and restaurants. In spring 1999 they recorded 4 new songs in Clouange (France) at Jean-Pascal Boffo's STUDIO AMPER.

A 4-track CD, called "djuju is good for you", appeared in october 99. After some concerts and festivals djuju participated in RTL's project "PLANET LËTZEBUERG" and recorded a new version of Pir Kremer's "Lëtzebuerger Spezialitéit" which reached first place in RTL's Hitmaschinn. (end 2000)

After participating in the "planet luxembourg" project djuju went back to the "Jang Linster Studios" to record their 9th studio production called "Welcome to Quokka Island" which has been released in january 2002. The singer Blackman Uncle Rich aka Sebulilba Simbwa B. Richard made his first appearance as a special guest on this cd.

6. Djuju - The show goes on (2003 - ...)

In october 2003 Eric Falchero, the keyboarder and singer, decided to leave the band. An old friend from former times, Romain Hoffmann, came back so that at this moment Djuju is five again. What will the future bring? Let's wait and see.

2007 Christian Sikorski (keyboards) and Max Cinus (guitar) join the band.

2008 two vocalists, Fabienne Matagne and Simone Mortini, completed the new Djuju.

2010 In July, Romain Hoffmann passes away. R.I.P. Romain.

2010 Marc Gillet (trumpet) + Claude Schenten (trombone) join the band.



band as it happens to be right now

D'Juju in 1987